Death Midwife   |   Grief Counsellor   |   Psychic/Medium   |   Holistic Mentor

Support for the Actively Living and the Actively Dying

My mission is to unconditionally love & assist people who are dying to know as much peace at the end of their journey as is possible.

To do everything within my power to address whatever issues, concerns
or fears they may have so that they can leave this world knowing that they are enveloped with unconditional love & in peace, according to their beliefs.
~ Sharon Tregoning  ~

The death of a loved one is something that we will all have to experience at some time in our lives.
It may be a relative, it may be a precious friend, it may be a fur kid.

How you experience death and grief will be entirely different for every loss, as every death and every relationship is completely unique.
It will also depend on the peace within yourself, the peace within the loved one who is dying/has died and the peace in your relationship with your loved one.

We, too, will also have to face physical death.

How you experience this is determined by the peace within yourself and your peace in your relationships with your loved ones.

For the actively dying – my purpose is to provide you with spiritual, emotional and practical non-medical support to assist you in making the process as easy and peaceful as possible.

For the actively living – my purpose is to support you as you support your loved one on their end journey.


I am a Death Midwife, Grief Counsellor, Psychic/Medium and Holistic Mentor.
I am located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

I am a member of the Australian Centre for Grief & Bereavement as well as the
Association for Death Education and Counseling

This poem was written by yours truly.
The photos are all shots I have taken around my home on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 
The music was written by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.